”TEXAS HOLD ‘EM”is a unique, field tested and proven reliable, vehicle mounted gun rack designed for safari style hunting in the roughest terrain. Each rack securely holds two weapons, either shotguns and / or rifles, including those fitted with typical accessories such as scopes, lights, bipods, or slings. 


VEHICLE SPECIFIC structural mast and mounting hardware is included with each TEXAS HOLD ‘EM. Each vehicle is carefully observed and often operated in order to select a convenient location, and rigid attachment points for the rack, while avoiding interference with the operator and vehicle controls. 


The MAST is a proprietary square configuration, anodized aluminum extrusion rigidly mounted within the vehicle. Full-length slots on all sides facilitate mounting and adjustment of each weapon retention component creating a compatible, effective “grasp” of the particular weapon.  It is necessary that a “moderate compression load be imposed in the mast”, thus a downward force on the floor plate.  Adjust the “mast connection” at the top bracket and/or floor plate to induce a moderate compression load.


The TEXAS HOLD ‘EM  standard 0 to 1.25 inch and optional 0 to 1.62” capacity ROTARY CLAMP ASSEMBLY exhibits excellent weather and UV resistance and reliable performance. Continuous spring driven, barrel encircling clamps with resilient pads securely hold and protect the guns. Either clamp will effectively grip the smallest known barrel diameter, as well as O/U shotguns to 12 gage with vent rib.

INSTANTLY RELEASE a gun using the small lever. Stop when the (visible) mechanical stop is contacted. Lean the weapon out of the clamp and lift the stock from the receiver.

RECEIVERS are individually elevation adjustable to fit the selected weapon length. The spring driven rotary clamp and padded clamp rods should be approximately ¼ to ½ inch above of the weapon fore end, (clearing the stock), when operated.  


”QQ” standard padded receivers are suitable for virtually all-typical long guns and numerous “AR” stock configurations.

"AA" (optional one-size-fits-all) padded receivers are field adjustable, and used in conjunction with the “1.63” inch capacity clamp assembly. This option may be adjusted to perform effectively with virtually all long guns, including current known variations of conventional, AR’s, O/U's, and SxS's. These variations may include telescoping, adjustable, after market stocks, suppressors, bi-pods, slings and other options.

NOTE: A close (“kiss-fit”) of the “AA” adjustable receiver on the butt stock helps to minimize gun movement within the rack thus minimizing impact loads and potential scuffing. Careful field adjustment of the “AA” receiver including “pitch” is recommended.

TEXAS HOLD ‘EM BRACKET DESIGN is focused on eliminating or minimizing vehicle modifications for attachment. Many installations do not require modifications while some require small-drilled holes considered minor with no known adverse vehicle affects.

The FLOOR PLATE supports and distributes the weight, facilitates nominal fore/aft adjustment, and securely locates the lower end of the mast. 

TOP BRACKETS rigidly locate the top of the mast within the vehicle. 


BOLT KITS necessary to attach each rack sub-assembly and brackets to the mast are ¼-20 NC, 316 Stainless Steel. Larger bolts / nuts are plated steel. We do not recommend sheet metal or self-tapping screws, and avoid them if practical.   


TEXAS HOLD ‘EM is ruggedly constructed of stainless steel, anodized aluminum, marine grade UV resistant HDPE, and powder coated steel for superior performance, weather resistance, attractive appearance and requires NO scheduled maintenance.