We are a family who enjoyed the benefits of humble beginnings on small family farms and the great outdoors.  With very limited resources, “creation, building, and improving,” was the norm.


High Stakes Outdoors, LLC and TEXAS HOLD ‘EM gun racks are a direct result of those life’s lessons combined with successful working careers in design, manufacturing and customer services.  Hobbies such as hunting, fishing, guiding and lease       management    helped 

define the effective rack design.


High Stakes Outdoors, LLC focused on this opportunity in particular,  now producing the most  realiable, effective gun rack suitable for rough country, off-road  safari-style hunting vehicles.


TEXAS HOLD 'EM two-gun racks are designed to eliminate disappointing  events by prior, poor designs and inferior construction.  Our experience and recognition of signifiant hunting investments drives us to provide the best racks available.